Monday, November 22, 2010

Never forget your sunscreen again: Body wash and sunscreen in one

When I heard there's a soap that could keep my skin from aging ... I thought, Wow! Anti-aging soap? Really?

Turns out the body wash and hand soap have sunscreen in them that stays on your skin.


Solise makes the body wash and hand soap with SPF 15, so no one ever has any excuses about not putting on sunscreen. Or forgetting to. All you have to do is wash up!

This is great for my family and me, because we like to spend time outside, and and we live in southern Florida. We need sunscreen every day! Solise has protection against UVA and UVB -- rays that can damage skin.

I like that Solise's products are paraben free, too. They have a mild scent that isn't perfume-y, so my husband will want to use the soap as well. He needs it -- he gets more sunburns than anyone else in the family.

Solise provided a sample of the body wash for me to review. Thanks!