Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Tangled" long hair gets great treatment from Pantene's Restore Beautiful Lengths

Yesterday, I took my boys to a prescreening of Tangled, the new animated movie from Disney about Rapunzel.

Yes, I took my boys to a "princess movie."

And you know what? We sat through the whole movie. I credit all the action scenes. It was amazing in 3D! Even my baby kept his 3D glasses on for the first 40 minutes or so. It was fun to see how Disney breathed new life into an old fairy tale. Tangled opens on Wednesday, Nov. 24, and it's going to be a great holiday movie for the whole family.

Even boys.

The prescreening was sponsored by Pantene, which has a great new line of products out especially for long hair called Restore Beautiful Lengths. In addition to sponsoring the prescreening, Pantene provided me with its full line of Restore Beautiful Lengths products to review! This is great for me, because my hair has reached the middle of my back. Not the same as Rapunzel's 70 feet of hair, but then, you know, I don't live in a tall tower where I have lots of time to brush all that magic hair.

So far, I've tried the replenishing mask (like a super-creamy conditioner that really cuts down on frizz!) and the smoothing balm (another great frizz fighter that made my hair look great!). The line also includes Pantene Pro-V Restoring Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner in Breakage Defense, Shine Enhance and Frizz Control formulas. (I kind of need all three of those together!) There is also the Anti-Humidity Hairspray to try.

It's good to know there is a whole line of hair products just to help hair prevent breakage and stay healthy while it grows long.