Monday, May 2, 2011

Sand and water play table

My sons love their new Sandy Lagoon Water Park sand and water play table.

My preschooler loves to play in the tables at school that are filled with grains of rice to scoop, pour and run your fingers through. I thought it would be great to find a rice table he could have at home.

When Toys R Us recently had a sale on sand and water tables, we went shopping.

My son had already been given a sandbox (which looks like a frog), but I never liked that he could sit right in the sand. Sand would be stuck to him all over. And then he'd bring it inside. Ugh. (And I don't want to mention how many times as a toddler he would try to eat the sand.)

A sand table, however, means that he would mostly avoid getting sand down his shorts! And because I plan to fill the table with rice anyway, I hope nothing will be stuck to him.

The table is divided into two sections so kids can play with the sand (rice) or the water. I have a feeling sand and water end up in both sides, though.... And little characters come with the Sandy Lagoon Water Park so I kids can pretend they are at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World.

The table was so easy to put together, even I was able to do it.

Now I've just got to get rid of that frog sandbox!