Friday, April 29, 2011

Reusable coffee cups score

Finding these Copco resusable coffee cups this week was a happy accident. I went into the craft store for one little thing, and came out with these cups as well.

I was inspired by Starbucks' Earth Day offer last week to give free coffee to anyone who brought in their own mug or cup. I already knew Starbucks offered a discount on your drink when you brought in your own mug -- I have just never done it. Bringing in your own drink container prevents the waste of throwing away a paper cup.

But now that I have reusable cups that look like the paper ones that coffee shops use (complete with drink sleeve available in several colors), I'm going to remember to take my own cup in from now on (on those rare times I allow myself the treat of going to Starbucks). I'm going to use the red-sleeved one, and I got the green for my husband for a Father's Day present (shhh, I'm stashing it away!).

Have you ever used your own reusable cup at a coffee shop?