Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project: Slipcover a children's couch

Want to see my kids' new couch?

Yeah, don't you love it? Bet you're wondering where you can get a couch like this.

Well, I'll tell you. You can pick it up for free at a local swap or yard sale! What a deal!

Then the fun begins.

Add something cushy for the tushies.

Some foam from the local fabric/craft store works great. Two packages, then you cut to fit.

The next part is tricky. You take some newspaper and trace the different sections of the couch: the back, the seat, the seat back, the sides, the skirt, the arms. Transfer to fun fabric. Cut and sew. Put it back on the couch. Sew some more. Put it back on the couch. Make faces. Swearing is optional. Sew some more. You get the idea.

Eventually, you get this:

The arms are challenging. I left the front open, basted around the edge, and pulled it tightly to make a gathering and close up the hole. Then I sewed on a button like my life depended on it.

Like the button? It belonged to my husband's late grandmother. I think she would like to know I used two of her buttons to make something for her great-grandchildren.

My two sons like having their own little couch, and when it gets dirty, I can take the slipcover off and wash it.

My big couches were a little jealous, but I'm sure eventually they will need to be slipcovered too.

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