Wednesday, April 28, 2010

iPod apps my kids love

Some awesome friends gave me an iPod Touch a year and a half ago for helping to take care of their son, and since then my love affair with my iPod has been going strong. I love to check my e-mail and use Twitter and Facebook in the palm of my hand. Once I found out there were iPhone apps for kids, well, I definitely fell even harder for my iPod Touch.

I've downloaded several apps for my preschooler (my baby is intrigued, but more interested in chewing on my iPod) -- some free, some fee -- but these are the ones he enjoys the most:

Itsy Bitsy Spider. This app tells the story of the spider in the famous nursery ryhme/song, but with a twist here and there -- and kids have to touch elements on the screen (like the spider) to advance the story. Cute and fun.

Preschool Music. There are four games here, with birds, sheep, sea creatures and other animals to entertain little ones with rhythm and tunes.

Preschool Adventure. This app is made by the same company as Preschool Music, so the graphics are in the same style. There are six games here for kids to teach colors, numbers, shapes, matching and farm animal sounds, and a game where kids put a monkey's body parts in the right places.

Cat Piano Jr. I admit, this was the first app I downloaded -- for myself! It's only a piano keyboard, but in addition to hearing a piano, you can choose a variety of kitty voices to "sing" the notes. The results can be hysterical.

I love my iPod Touch, but there's room in my heart for the new iPad. It would be great to win one, and I’m participating in a contest at Best Kids Apps, a blog about iPhone apps for kids, for a chance to win an iPad. Which would totally make me an uber cool mom! Or at least feel like one...