Friday, June 17, 2011

SeaWorld's Aquatica is the best waterpark for kids!

Crazy confession: There are fewer things I love more than waterslides. (Yes, I'm 11 years old on the inside.) I could live at a waterpark, and I think my favorite waterpark is Aquatica -- at least this point in my life -- because of all the major waterparks in Florida, I think Aquatica has the most for little kids.

My family and some friends went to Aquatica last week. It was the second time my husband and preschooler had gone. The first time, I was eight months pregnant with my baby -- so no waterslides for me. We loved the South Pacific theme of the park and the variety of places to get something to eat. So this time, I couldn't wait to hand off the kids to my husband (who doesn't do waterslides) for a short while so I could try out all of Aquatica's fun waterslides like Dolphin Plunge (where a clear tube slide sends you through a pool where Commerson's dolphins play) and Omaka Rocka (a fast tube and tunnel slide).

Somehow, it just didn't work out that way. Sniff sniff....

Together with our friends, however, my family did have fun floating down Loggerhead Lane, a lazy river.

All the kids love Walkabout Waters!

I couldn't even fit the whole water play structure in the picture. (And don't you love waterproof camera water spots!)

Kata's Kooaburra Cove was the perfect place to play with my toddler, who was eager to go down the "baby" slides.

My preschooler loved Kata's Kookaburra Cove too.

Another fun thing about Aquatica is you can learn about wildlife, like the macaws and Commerson's dolphins.

My family and friends had a great time at Aquatica. One of these days when I visit, I will actually go down the big waterslides. One of these days....