Monday, May 9, 2011

Rope hammocks vs. fabric hammocks

This is our new hammock.

I picked it up at Target a couple weeks ago when there was a sale. I chose a fabric canvas hammock over a rope hammock because I figured when this one starts to go and rips, I can sew the fabric hammock back together (which you can't do with a rope hammock) and get more life out of it.

I like it, but.... It's not our old hammock.

The first Christmas my husband and I were in our home, I gave him a Pawley's Island rope hammock and a stand for it so the hammock could stay on the covered patio just outside the back door. I sewed a pillow for him that fit the width of the hammock just right and also matched our patio.

It's safe to say that over the past 14 years, my husband, our guests and I wore that hammock out. The South Florida climate didn't help. Several ropes snapped on it last month, creating a gaping hole that made the hammock unsafe.

Our new hammock is colorful and pretty (uh ... ahem ... in a masculine way, of course, dear), but it's slippery. There's no traction to it, and already both of my boys have fallen off the hammock onto the stone patio. The rope hammock had texture and would grip your butt. But in the nicest way.

My advice? If you have little people or are concerned about sliding off, get a rope hammock, which isn't slippery.

Every home should have a hammock!