Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caterpillar bracelet

Look at my new bracelet! It's from Shabby Apple, and it's called the Caterpillar Bracelet. (Please ignore the wrinkles and veins in my hand.)

About two months ago, I got the chance to give away a beautiful Shabby Apple dress. Freckle Face Girl won, and she posted about how she wore the Shabby Apple dress for Easter. She looks great in it (and her kids are so nicely dressed too)!

Well, Shabby Apple offered to send me their bracelet because I placed their button here as an affiliate. I like that they have a variety of dresses -- both casual and dressy -- and they are always coming out with new designs. Their newest collection, Set Sail, has a nautical look. I like this Land Ho! Skirt.

Most of the time during the summer, I live in shorts and tank tops (South Florida summers are hot and humid!), but if I had to be somewhere, I'd be happy to wear something fun from Shabby Apple.

What do you like to wear in the summer?