Friday, April 22, 2011

It's B Kind 2 Earth Day

Today is Earth Day (and also Good Friday!), and lots of people headed out to enjoy the earth and do kind things -- including my kiddos and me. A couple weeks ago, I joined the B Kind 2 Earth celebration, which is a partnership between the National Wildlife Federation, Nickelodeon and The Motherhood.

Yesterday, I led a nature walk through a cypress swamp that had been saved from development by local high schoolers -- that's inspirational! A few moms came out and brought their children to what is now a city park with an excellent boardwalk. We saw two species of butterflies and identified four species of birds and many more species of native plants. And it was fun!

Today, my boys and I headed to the nearest beach (not our favorite beach, but staying close saved gas!) and picked up five pounds of trash along the shore. I think until you do something like this yourself, you don't realize how appalling the amount of garbage in the ocean and our coastal areas really is. (Have you heard about the giant island of garbage that is floating around the Pacific Ocean? Gross!) Mostly, it was little bits of plastic, and a lot of it seemed to be stuck in the seaweed that washes ashore -- but there was also a slimy shoe on the beach. Yuck.

For more earth-friendly ideas on what you can do today and every day, check out the B Kind 2 Earth Facebook page.