Friday, April 15, 2011

Get a National Geographic Little Kids subscription for $7!

Social media/group buying sites have become so popular that I can name four or five of them, and I get daily e-mails from several. Mamapedia (a great site where moms share advice and post content) has its Mamapedia Sweet Deals with some bargain finds for families.

The best deal I've seen yet: a full year of National Geographic Little Kids magazine for $7! The regular price for the subscription is $24, the Mamapedia Sweet Deals price is $10 -- and if you're a first-time Mamapedia Sweet Deals buyer, you can use the code NATGEO3 to further knock the price down to $7! (If you've already purchased from there before, you can use the code EASTER10 to get 10% off the deal -- and that's still a great price.)

Like most group buying sites, this deal ends in just a few days, so you have to scoop it up now. If you miss it, though, sign up for Mamapedia Sweet Deals for some nice discounts.

My kids love wildlife (I'm a National Wildlife Federation Be Out There Founding Mother), and I've always meant to get the National Geographic Little Kids magazine for them. Now I am going to do it for sure!