Monday, April 11, 2011

B Kind 2 Earth Day celebration

The good news: Earth Day (Friday, April 22) isn't one of those "fluffy" holidays that requires you to send a card to someone or go out and buy special food or decorations. The bad news: Well, there isn't any!

There are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day, and you can be as simple and easy or as involved and productive as you like. The point is to do at least one thing -- one thing! -- for the earth and get others to do the same. If you can do that, then head to the B Kind 2 Earth Day Facebook Fan Page and "like" it to show that you are in for doing an earth-friendly deed and spreading the word. Then, click here to register your location.

You can probably come up with a list of things for your family to do without thinking too hard: recycling, using a washable cloth instead of a paper towel, buying something pre-owned instead of new, planting a tree, using "green" household cleaners, switching out light bulbs to the newer less-polluting ones or donating to an ecological good cause.

I would like to lead some mom friends and their little ones on a nature walk and pick up any litter we see along the way -- something that young children can do and get into. Now I just gotta invite my friends . . . .

The B Kind 2 Earth Day cause is a joint effort by the National Wildlife Federation, Nickelodeon and The Motherhood. Naturally, I think this is all awesome because I am a NWF Be Out There Founding Mother, I won the Nickelodeon 2009 Parents Picks Award for Best Local Blog (Miami) and I've met Emily McKhann and Cooper Munroe from The Motherhood (at the Blogalicious conference in Miami last fall).

What are you going to do on Earth Day?