Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inexpensive touches of springtime decor

I like to switch out the decorations around my house with the holidays and seasons. It's not in my genes to do this. Nope, my mother never did this -- it's something I picked up from my husband's mother, who is one of those super decorators whose home always looks like it could be a magazine ad. So because decorating isn't in my blood, I'm not as good as she is (or frankly, not as interested in that level of perfection!), but I do a bit. After the Christmas decorations are gone, I just have to put out something so the house doesn't look so blah and bare.


I found this spring-y sign at Target for $3.99 and had to put it inside my front door.

The kids love window decorations, which I also got at Target, for $2.99 per sheet.

The window clings double as a way to keep birds from flying into my windows and dying. Ugh.

I also have some hand-me-down decorations from -- who else? -- my husband's mother. (I have to say it like that because she's forbidden me from calling her my mother-in-law.)

I think it's also perfectly acceptable to use my kids' craft projects as home decor.

Do you decorate for spring?