Sunday, March 6, 2011

Disney World things I've never done

There are plenty of lists of top "must-dos" at Disney World. And in the almost two dozen or so times I've been to Disney World, I have seen and done a lot. My husband thinks we've already done everything there is to do, but I know there is plenty we haven't tried, or seen, or experienced.

We're headed back to Disney World in a couple weeks, the same time as the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I couldn't get into the conference even though I tried for two hours to register -- while my family was in Disney World celebrating my birthday, no less -- but I'm hoping to meet up with some bloggy peeps. So I started wondering what attractions I hadn't ever done....

Magic Kingdom

Astro Orbiter. This is the spinning rocket ride high above Tomorrowland. It's like Dumbo, only waaaay up high. Waaaay up. Yeah.

Mad Tea Party. I'm pretty sure I'd love it, but no one I'm with ever wants to spin around in the teacups. My husband in particular has an aversion to spinning.

Liberty Square Riverboat. Maybe, I don't know? ... it just doesn't seem as exciting? I think my family will try to get on the boat next time we visit, though.

Stitch's Great Escape. This used to be the freaky Alien Encounter, which I did several times, mainly with my brother while growing up. But my family hasn't seen any Stitch movies, and I don't think my little ones are ready for this yet.


Mission: Space. I don't have a good reason for not going on this ride. Just one of those things.

Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest. Roller coaster fans who never have anyone to ride with, raise your hand! This is my situation. The moment my oldest is tall enough to ride and develops an interest in thrill rides, I am so on this coaster!

Dinosaur, Fossil Fun Games, Primeval Whirl, The Boneyard, Triceratop Spin. I am not really into dinosaurs, so I just don't have an interest in these attractions. The Boneyard (where kids can dig in the sand to uncover (fossils) looks cute, but my preschooler has a tendency to throw sand, so we're going to stay away from it for now.

Kali River Rapids. All I know is the people who come off this ride are drenched. Getting soaking wet, then walking around a theme park doesn't sound like my idea of a fun day!

Hollywood Studios

The Magic of Disney Animation. Just one of those things I never got around to.

Journey Into Narnia. I'm not sure if this is new, but I didn't even know this existed until recently!

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. See above about roller coasters. Sigh.

Toy Story Mania. Every time my family has tried to see this ride, there has been a 70-minute-plus wait. Not gonna happen with a preschooler and a baby. If only my family could get to the park early enough to get a Fast Pass....

The American Idol Experience. I like to sing, but I'm too old for AI. And I guess my family would just rather do other things than watch other people sing.

Downtown Disney

Cirque du Soleil. Some day. When the kids are older and can appreciate how awesome the performers are.

Characters in Flight in Downtown Disney. The past four times (four times!) my family has visited Disney World, I have been dying to go on this stationary hot air balloon ride. I just never make it. Maybe our upcoming trip, I'll finally get the chance.


I've been to the water parks and even the race track. I've gone to the Sunday Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney and am making my way around all the resorts so I can say I've stayed in all of them. But I've never done mini golf. Regular golf. The sports arena. The Magic Kingdom Main Street trolley. Various live shows.

As a person who practically grew up going to Disney World (with my first visit being back when the Contemporary Resort was the only hotel -- when you had to buy individual tickets for the different rides -- yeah, I'm old) and who has taken her little ones several times, I think this just shows you that there's always something new to try (or maybe rediscover) at Disney World.