Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to go to Disney World for $158

My family is going to Disney World next month, and all we're spending for the weekend is $158 for the resort hotel room for all three nights, plus whatever food we eat.

Last year when we went to Disney, we bought the Florida resident seasonal pass because it was about the same price as the four-day pass or whatever it was we were considering buying at the time. The seasonal pass lets you go to any of the four theme parks any time except for their blackout dates, which are times we wouldn't go anyway (spring break, the dead of summer and the last two weeks of the year). We also used our seasonal passes last month for a quick weekend trip, so they have really already paid for themselves, so to speak.

Well, it turns out that not only do seasonal and annual passholders get discounts at Disney gift shops and restaurants, but also occasional deals like the one Disney just e-mailed me about: 40% off a Disney resort room. So I reserved a room at one of the moderate resorts for $139 a night and had to pay $158 to secure the room.


I also have the Disney Visa, which gives me reward points. You can also use Disney rewards dollars to buy things at Disney stores, the Disney site and many other Disney places. I got $200 just for signing up and getting the card. I use the card when I pay for anything, then pay off the bill at the end of the month. I recently redeemed 300 points, which means $300, and I can use that to pay for the rest of the hotel room (minus a few dollars for taxes, I think).

And then it's just a three-hour drive from our home.

This is going to be the cheapest trip I think my family has ever taken!