Monday, August 16, 2010

A treat with Good Humor

We are a big ice cream family, mainly because my husband has to eat ice cream every single night. He has eaten ice cream every night since college. And it has to be chocolate.

I didn't get a lot of ice cream while I was growing up, so treats like Good Humor bars were not something I was even aware of (even though Good Humor is celebrating its 90th anniversary!). In fact, when I was in fifth grade, a boy named Jesse was going over his spelling list and came to the word "humor" but said "hummer," and the teacher then made a joke and started calling Jesse the Good Hummer boy.

True story.

Sadly, that classroom pronunciation mistake was my first introduction to Good Humor.

It's easy to see why Good Hummer ... sorry, Good Humor's Chocolate Eclair and Strawberry Shortcake are so popular. There's really nothing else like them.

There's also nothing else like being pregnant and craving a box of ice cream, so I gave my coupon for a Good Humor treat to Madeline at Barefoot Childhood, who is going to have her second child soon. The nice and good-looking people at Good Humor provided the coupon to me to write this review.

You could score a Good Humor treat like Madeline during Good Humor's Sweet-Stakes, which ends on Sept. 6 (Labor Day, ah the official end of summer). To celebrate 90 years of frozen creaminess, Good Humor is offering instant-win prizes inside specially marked 4 oz. single-serve Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Éclair, Toasted Almond and Candy Center Crunch bars. Then instant winners will be automatically entered in the $10,000 grand prize drawing when they redeem their instant-win prizes online.

To keep up with Good Humor, check out their Facebook page.