Thursday, August 5, 2010

Glog about your garden at Your Garden Show

There's blogging and vlogging and flogging -- whoops, OK, not flogging! -- and now glogging. Yes, I created a glog, at Your Garden Show.

You may have seen my yard, which I profiled and overdosed on photos in a post about 7 things you need in your yard to encourage kids to play outside. Since then, I recently found out about Your Garden Show, which helps you not only show off your garden with a glog but record updates to your garden (like new plantings) and get inspiration from other gardeners.

Lots of moms are using Your Garden Show for guidance, as an educational tool with the kids, as well as finding solutions and entertainment, dreaming about gardens, tagging plants and gardens you and your family like, choosing your favorite gardens, or even creating your own Garden Show (glog) -- even if it’s just a tomato seedling in your window. I can see this would be a great tool for elementary-school-aged kids on up.

I think Your Garden Show is also a great resource because there are more than 11,000 plants in the database, developed with Cornell University.

If you have a garden or want to grow one, definitely check it out! You might even start a glog.